Custom Software

Custom Software Solutions

Our team can develop custom web applications tailored on unique business profiles using the most recent technologies, with great care to data security.

Developing a personalized application for your business may seem costly at first, but in the end, a software that perfectly meets your company requirements is most recommended.

The advantages of custom made software are unbeatable:

  • They perfectly meet the company needs
  • They help automating the manual work
  • They automate business processes according to company profile
  • Custom made software belong to the client (the customer owns the product and full rights, not just usage license)

Our portfolio includes software custom made for our clients:

Leadcollector – Page generator (landing, launch soon, opt-in, double opt-in, sales, upsales), Lead Collector, Lead Notifier (SMS, Email)
Worksession – an application which includes video streaming (webRTC), life chat, screen sharing, file upload and collaborative whiteboard
Web Crawler – NodeJS, MongoDB and JavaScript Regular Expressions application which helps automatically pulling data from a domain.